CETEOR (Center for Economic, Technological and Environmental Development Sarajevo) was established in 1992 with the aim of providing support to the environmental, social, economic and technological development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. CETEOR continued the tradition of the Institute for Process Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo, after its work was terminated in 1992. CETEOR is probably the first company registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina to support development.

Since its establishment, CETEOR has been operating in the field of sustainable development, primarily in the fields of environment and energy. Through our activities, we strive to be a link between (i) Business, (ii) the Academy, (iii) Governmental Organizations and (iv) International Organizations.

Our team consists of a multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, architects, chemical engineers, agricultural and technology engineers, environmental engineers and economists. In addition to the team that consists of full-time employees, our team consists of permanent associates of various professions (faculty professors, individual experts and freelancers, researchers, analysts, etc.). Activities are divided into Departments (Sectors) where the Environment and Energy Departments are the backbone of the business. The education and laboratory departments support the first two sectors. Through the fifth Department of ECO CET we strive to provide technological solutions (ie products) for our customers.

Aktivnosti su podijeljene u Odjele (Sektore) gdje Odjeli okoliš i energija predstavljaju okosnicu poslovanja. Odjeli edukacije i laboratorije predstavljaju podršku prva dva sektora. Preko petog Odjela EKO CET nastojimo pružiti tehnološka rješenja (tj. proizvode) za naše klijente.


In the past period, the company has invested a lot in the knowledge of its employees, through various forms of acquiring knowledge (formal and informal), and through the experience gained in the implementation of a large number of projects.


CETEOR realizes its projects in a professional and impartial way, taking into account the quality of services and customer satisfaction, all in order to apply the best available technologies and solutions.


Through various forms of interaction with clients and other participants, we strive and succeed in realizing projects within agreed deadlines and budgets.


Market trends, new technologies, new ways of implementing projects in the world require us to, in addition to the above key values, begin to develop a new corporate value - the company's innovation. The basis for this is to build and nurture a company culture that motivates all employees to actively work on improving the way they work and expand their knowledge that is important for the next period of technological development in the areas in which CETEOR operates.


We want to be active participants in creating long-term sustainability in the fields of environment and energy, by providing our clients with first-class services using the latest knowledge and the best available technologies.


To be one of the three leading companies in BiH in the field of sustainable development in the energy and environmental sectors, and a desirable partner and respectable consultant in the region.


We use the unlimited capacities of the human mind rather than the limited natural resources.

Key events


Establishment of CETEOR


recapitalization by the IPSA Institute


Establishment of ECO CET


Brand new look