The Laboratory for Environment and Energy Efficiency of CETEOR is accredited according to the standard BAS EN ISO / IEC 17025 for measuring environmental noise.

The laboratory ensures reliability, impartiality and quality in providing professional services, while fully respecting the property rights of customers and meeting their requirements.

The laboratory provides its services in the areas of noise protection, air protection and energy efficiency.

In this regard, the Department of Education has developed the following forms of education and training:

In the field of noise protection, the laboratory provides services:

  • environmental noise measurements (accredited according to ISO 17025),
  • sound insulation measurements in buildings,
  • modeling the impact of noise sources on the environment and making noise maps using licensed software,
  • providing consulting services in the field of environmental noise measurement and noise protection

In the field of air protection, the laboratory performs:

  • Modeling the existing and predicting the future state of air quality using licensed software
  • Making air quality status maps
  • Providing consulting services in the field of air quality protection
  • Providing consulting services in the field of measuring air emissions and maintaining air quality
  • Calculations of annual air emissions
  • Interpretation of measurement results in accordance with applicable legislation
  • As a special segment of the Laboratory’s activities are measurements of energy efficiency parameters.

CETEOR is the only company in BiH that completely provides the following services:

  • determination of air permeability characteristics, ie ventilation losses of the building – “Bloower Door Test”
  • measuring the degree of boiler efficiency
  • recording and analysis of results with a thermal imaging camera
  • recording of electricity consumption
  • recording brightness levels