The purpose of the workshop was „Presentation of potential ESCO pilot projects in B&H. – with focus on specific potential ESCO project: “Zenica Cantonal Hospital”. 

On the very beginning Mr. Ian Brown, Head of EBRD office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, introduced participants on EBRD’s activities and projects in the region and specifically in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Then Mr. Toivo Miller, from EBRD Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Team, presented EBRD Regional Energy Efficiency Programme (REEP), which is funded by EU Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) to support energy efficiency in the ECT Contracting Parties from the Western Balkans with a focus on the public sector. One of the pillars of this program is Technical assistance to support project identification, preparation, support on project implementation and capacity development of public building owners (“ESCO Clients”).

This event was an opportunity for energy companies, bank and other interested stakeholders to be more   informed about potential ESCO projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and more specifically with  potential “Cantonal hospital Zenica”  ESCO project.

Under the specific contract with public sector institution, an ESCO company invests its own funds to design, finance and implement project that increase energy efficiency and decrease the overall energy consumption and cost of a public sector institution.


One of objectives of this event was to identify suitable private sector companies (“ESCOs”) who are interested in implementing the proposed project.

The participants have been introduced by the Consultant with official information regarding the project activities, energy audits’ results and further steps to be undertaken. Also, participants have been introduced with legal framework for these projects and possibilities to realize this project under existing law on PPP that is already adopted in Zenica-Doboj Canton. The Cantonal officials, who also participated the workshop, expressed their strong support and interest for this pilot project, as well as their readiness to help in providing all necessary documentation and permits needed for the project implementation.


This was a highly-attended event in which the participants have had very active role in discussion, trying to find out more details about technical and financial aspects of the project.  

Also, available financing options were presented, that could also include possibilities for an investment grant components provided EU or/and local government.

Information on the progress of the ESCO pilot project pipeline will be available on the REEP website.

For tender announcements please refer to the established bulletins and communication channels.

Pictures from the workshop — HERE