First Call for the VII Energy Council 7E

CETEOR Sarajevo announces a traditional two-day event that has been organized since 2007 and is the first in BiH to offer a platform for discussion on energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES). The VII Energy consulting in BiH with the slogan 7E will be held from September 26 to 27, 2019 in Sarajevo, hotel Swissotel.

The aim of this year's Council is to encourage discussion on issues related to open issues that BiH faces in the context of energy transition and environmental protection, the reform and future of the EU energy and climate policy. A critical review of strategic documents will also be given, while encouraging joint engagement and holistic resolution of barriers at all levels of government.

CETEOR through long-term practice and work has always included key national and international institutions in the organization of the Council. In this way, the synergy between the needs of the market and the support of these organizations was achieved, thus achieving multiple benefits for all participants of the event.

At VII Counseling we expect:

  • representatives of line ministries / institutions;
  • equipment manufacturers and building materials;
  • representatives of international and domestic organizations;
  • experts and managers from energy organizations, industry, construction and transport, scientific and financial institutions;
  • representatives of local communities;
  • investors in EE and RES projects, and representatives of non-governmental organizations and the media.

Following the success of the previous six Councils, it was attended by:

600 participants from local and international institutions, representatives of academic and professional communities and non-governmental sector dealing with the policy of efficient use of resources and EE, increase of RES and greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions; you

Nearly 250 papers have been published.

The need for exchange of professional experiences from the current field is still on the rise, which is why the continuation of the tradition of organizing the Counseling, an event that is eagerly anticipated. Be Part VII of the Counseling-7E!


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