Energy Efficiency Refurbishment of Public Buildings in Prizren

CETEOR Sarajevo has successfully implemented the project “Energy Efficiency Refurbishment of Public Buildings in Prizren” 2020, funded by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The overall objective of the Project is to introduce an integrated management support system for planning reliable and affordable energy renovation programmes for public buildings in the Municipality of Prizren.

The Study is prepared with presented: (i) comprehensive building stock database, (ii) review of the energy performance and possible solutions for up to 100 public buildings (identified schools and healthcare buildings) in Prizren and (iii) investment programme structured in three (3) main investment categories (short term, mid-term and long-term investments).

Implementation of EE investment program will generate a range of benefits for Prizren's economy, thus providing increased energy savings, diminishment of energy imports and a lower trade deficit, greater longevity of adjusted buildings and decreases in the emission of greenhouse gases.