Stationary analysers

maMoS is modular stationary gas analyser for continous measurement and it is alternative for large, intricate CEMS (Continous Emission Monitoring System) systems. Standard configuration consists up to 4 sensors (NDIR and/or electrochemical) or up to 8 sensors in an extreme, unique configuration. It has modular construction, and many add-ons, that makes it easy to adjust to a very specific, individual application. Sensors operation is in conformance with ISO 12039, ISO 15058 and ISO 21258 standards.



CMS-7 is a full size CEMS system equipped with up to 6 electrochemical sensors (more cells on demand), that are backed up with up to 3 NDIR sensors. CMS-7 is divided into 3 modules, analyser, conditioner and power supply modules. All three are mounted in a server-type cabinet with a cart to move it around. Onboard data logger with SD card allows to collect measurement results for weeks time. Sensors operation is in conformance with ISO 12039 and ISO 15058 standards.



Photon S is madur’s most recent and most sophisticated apparatus. It was created based on portable gas analyser - Photon. As its precursor it also uses NDIR gas sensors as the main measurement method - it can have 9 of them supplemented with 4 EC cells. Along with power supply with control center and the most efficient gas dryer this modular CEMS system is available to mount in 19” open frame rack. It is tailored to a very specific demands of customer, what is possible thanks to lot of available extensions and add-ons. Sensors operation is in conformance with ISO 12039, ISO 15058, ISO 14789, ISO 10849, ISO 7935 and ISO 21258 standards.




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