DENIOS is the world's market leader in storing hazardous materials, industrial environmental protection and work safety. DENIOS offers excellent customer benefits – the highest product quality, a fast delivery service and competent support. DENIOS is a reliable partner for its clients and a competent provider of working solutions in all areas of hazmat technology. DENIOS (Dennig Industrial Operational Safety) has embraced its role in global environmental protection and has been developing products to protect the environment for the past 30 years. All DENIOS’s technical equipment aims to minimise man's negative impact upon the environment. DENIOS passionately advocates this within Europe and across the world.

DENIOS operates in more countries around the World, with 15 offices outside Germany and partners in different countries of the World while employing more than 700 people. DENIOS is specialized for production of safety containers for storage of hazardous material as well as absorbent products (oils, fats, paints etc.) and thus through its own production unit and with its subcontractors offers more than 10.000 products in the area occupational health and safety and environmental protection divided into 6 main groups:

1. Storing hazardous material
2. Handling hazardous material
3. Fuel tanks and transport containers
4. Work safety equipment
5. Cleaning and disposal equipment
6. Production and operation equipment.

CETEOR willth rough its business unit EKO CET provide all technical solutions of DENIOS to its clients in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and MontenegroOVERVIEW OF OFFICES

An online catalogue will be soon available for potential clients to be informed about products we offer. For all additional questions you may contact:

Ida Dizdar, Sales Manager

+387 33 563 590

+387 61 583 586