Activity of Lab

Thanks to the knowledge of the employees in our laboratory and by introducing a management system according to requirements of BAS ISO/IEC 17025, we ensure reliability, impartiality and quality for our services with full respect of property rights of our clients and their requirements. Our laboratory provides services in the field of air protection, noise protection, energy efficiency and other environmental fields.


Air protection:

  • Measurement of air emissions from stationary sources
  • Calculation of annual emissions
  • Air quality measurement
  • Modeling of current and future state of air quality
  • Drafting of air quality maps
  • Consulting in the field of air quality
  • Consulting in the field of air emissions 
  • Interpretation of the results of measurements in accordance with the legislation in force


Noise protection:

  • Ambient noise
  • Noise modeling
  • Noise maps
  • Consulting in the field of noise protecion
  • Interpretation of the results of measurements in accordance with the legislation in force


Energy efficiency:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Measuring and determination of different parameters (energy consumption, illumination, heat transfer coefficient) 


Other services:

  • Zero state study
  • Preparation of studies and elaborates 
  • Providing other services (sampling and analyse of water,  measuring ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, meteorological parameters, etc.)


For all measurements we deliver appropriate Reports according to legislation in force and technical guidelines. All measurements are published according to requirements of BAS/ISO/EN standards/methods.


measurement of emissions into air, noise level, energy efficiency parameters | thermal imaging | modeling of impacts on air quality and the level of noise | air and noise protection elaborates | consulting in the field of measurement | consulting to achieve emission reduction |


Head of Department

Ismar Jamaković

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+387 33 563 585


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