CETEOR main mission is to exist as a bond between:

  • economy
  • science and universities
  • authorities and
  • International organizations


Pertaining to this, CETEOR offers the services on preparation of legally regulated Activity Plans with measures and deadlines for gradual emission decrease, namely the pollution in existing factories in the aim of obtaining the environment permit, as well as preparation of the request for environment permit.


Environmental impact assessment (hereinafter EIA) is system identification and evaluation of potential effects of proposed existing and/or new projects, plans, programs or legal or economical decisions on physical-chemical, biological, cultural and social-economical components of entire environment.  Environment permit is a result of EIA process regulated in FBiH by the Law on environment protection (Official Gazette FBiH, no. 33/03).

All factories and installments listed on the Federation Regulation in article 4 must undergo an EIA procedure prior to issuance of environment permit by Federation ministry.  

EIA will be done in two phases, in accordance with the law: previous environmental impact assessment and environmental impact assessment study Procedural steps in obtaining the environment permit are noted on the chart where conditions and procedures given by regulation are presented graphically.

Scheme – Procedures to obtain environmental permit