The Environmental Department is made by multidisciplinary team which enables to provide consulting for different fields of environment. The Environmental department works close with the business sector, domestic institutions at all levels of governance, chambers of commerce, international organizations and with the non-governmental sector.

Our services include: 

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the purpose of obtaining environmental permits
  • Compliance plans and Waste Management Plans for the purpose of obtaining environmental permits
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment and Vulnerability Studies as part of Spatial plans
  • Environmental due diligence and social analysis according to EBRD, WB/IFC, UNIDO and other requirements set by other institutions 
  • Adaptation plans for landfills
  • Construction waste management plans
  • Environmental supervision during execution of large infrastructure projects
  • Proposing practical solutions related to modern technology in the field of waste management in normal and emergency situations
  • Tracking and informing clients with the latest trends in the field of environmental protection and current legal obligations
  • Reports on the status of safety, large-scale accident prevention plans and internal emergency plans for investors who manage hazardous substances
  • Consulting in the field of management systems
  • Support for state institutions in drafting of legislation, strategies and plans in the field of protection and improvement of the environment and climate change
  • Preparation of studies and reports according to specific needs of the customers in  the field of environment


environmental impact assessment | compliance plans | environmental due diligence | waste management plans | environmental supervision | intervention plans | climate change|

Head of Department

Jasmina Čomić

Contact phone

+387 33 563 580