20 years with you

Short history

CETEOR was set up by a group of university workers and practical experts in war time 1992 in Sarajevo. Initiator was Dr. Aleksandar Knežević. CETEOR continued the tradition of Institute for process technique, energetics and environment technique of Faculty for Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo upon discontinuance of its work due to war activities. CETEOR is probably the first company in independent Bosnia and Herzegovina registered to support development activities. CETEOR finds its spot even during the war and undertakes certain activities, most importantly holding dozen lectures on sustainable development and organization of seminars with subject of Methodology of estimation of war damages. Most important activities were publishing of two books: (i) ABC estimation of was damages to businesses (knowledge for war closure and (ii) Sustainable development of Bosnia and Herzegovina ((knowledge for post-war development). Key role in CETEOR development during this period was played by Regional Economy Chamber of Sarajevo (today renamed to Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton).
During 1996 – 2002 CETEOR educated its associates in the area of Systems Management (ISO 9000 and ISO 14000), supports the development of standardization in the area of environment in BiH, provides consulting services to KJKP Toplane Sarajevo, the company which was the first to implement the System of Environment Management in BiH in compliance with ISO 14000 standard.
In 2000, CETEOR significantly operates in the area of environment protection. It is the only BiH Contractual Partner with Austrian Agency for Environment Protection, that was in charge of the consortium of organizations responsible for preparing the draft of BiH environment legislature, under the PHARE program. CETEOR associates are (in cooperation with experts from Ministry for physical planning and environment) authors of nine regulations to accompany the Law on air protection.
Upon the environment legislation enforcement in BiH in 2002 and 2003, CETEOR supports a number of new and existing companies in obtaining the environment permit, but not as obtaining a piece of paper needed for town planning license, but as a management tool in managing the company in environmentally friendly manner.
CETEOR has been developed by constantly opening new fields of work. CETEOR was a pioneer in making Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) for number of parts of highway Vc, EIS of Wind power plant, EIS Thermo power plant Stanari, the first one to be built in BiH after the war. Through number of seminars, CETEOR has underlined the need for activities in BiH to raise energy savings in industry, as well as in the area of building construction; CETEOR also develops metrology in terms of environment, with special attention on ensuring quality of measuring results.
Vision of A. Kneževića is that CETEOR will not be a company with most knowledge, but that it will be a company to teach those with most knowledge; it won’t be a company that performs best quality metrology, but one that ensures the quality of measuring results of others; it won’t be a company that writes the best, but that associates of CETEOR will the reviewers of the work of good experts.

To mark the 20th Anniversary of work and development of CETEOR, 20 years long path followed by lots of work and abdications, we use the opportunity to summarize our business results. We are stronger for fulfilling the requests of our partners and employees. Future task ahead before CETEOR team is neither simple nor easy. We are hopeful that, with existing young and capable employees, we will fulfill all tasks we have set for us.