Using the European Union countries’ model, CETEOR has developed a number of its own education programs in the area of environment management system, food safety, health protection, work safety, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and climate change.  Our education programs are aimed at introducing latest developments in the world of theory and practice in aforementioned areas. Programs can be implemented according to the topics determined by certain seminars or can be adjusted in terms of contents and lecturing style to specific needs and situations of users. All outlined CETEOR programs are adjustable in form and presentation style to participants and are permanently innovated and modernized.  Implementation of seminars is done by using modern methods of work with adults, discussions, exercises, group work while using latest learning aids.  Work is organizes in small groups enabling active participation of all participants. Seminars are limited to one to three working days, with seven hours of lecturing per day, dependant on subject and time available.  Modern methods of educational work with adults are used throughout the seminar, taking into account their existing expert and work experience, as well as their knowledge, with active participation of all participants in individual or group problem solving, analyzing the practical usages of experiences, role playing and active solutions to different situations similar to everyday work situations managers or team leaders and team members can be faced with. Hereinafter we list the titles of certain seminars/trainings with their programs. Their duration and implementation methods are planned in a timely manner in coordination with our users.