In CETEOR d.o.o. organization we have opted for implementation of international standards for quality ISO 9001:2000 and environmental ISO 14001:2004. To realize our vision and mission we will enforce following policies:


Operate in compliance with valid environmental legislatiion, regulations and other requirements addopted by CETEOR as its obligation  

Develop and design complex, client oriented products and services in an environmentally acceptable manner, taking into account not just the interests of clients but also the wider community interests.  

Apply the results of scientific researches projects and world wide best available practices in given areas when implementing projects  

Develop advanced technologies oriented to the community needs and initiate their use in other organizations and commercial sector, with the aim to prevent pollution of environment  

Develop and improve our process systems and capabilities to provide our clients with products and services based on most recent technologies in compliance to their demands, expectations and needs.  

Stream towards sustainable development that satisfies present needs without jeopardizing the future generations and their abilities to satisfy their own needs.  

Improve the quality of life of employees by providing simulative reward system, permanent education and high working conditions standards.  

Maintain long-term cooperation with permanent partners and by proper relation and joint appearance set up the network of permanent associates in specific projects.  

By long-term, successful and profitable business, assure the company self-sustainability and increase the value of owners’ capital.  

Periodically verify to assure them to be up-to-date and to meet requests for permanent improvement of efficiency these integrated management systems.  

CETEOR quality and environmental policy is public document and accessible to all interested parties.