At the Hotel “Sunce” (Neum) in the period 24 – 25.05.2012 CETEOR organized a seminar „ Waste as a chance, obligation and responsibility“ which was attended by 37 participants from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The seminar is designed for the professional training of those who work in their companies in the field of waste management, operatives in the field of waste management, municipalities as well as all companies which produce in their process waste, etc.

Participants had the opportunity to acquire and/or improve their knowledge in the field of waste management, such as municipal and medical, electrical and electronic, packaging, and all other specific types of waste.

Speakers at the seminar “Waste as a chance, obligation and responsibility” were experts from the fields of management and organizational management from the aspect of waste, which are combining modern educational methods transferred to participants of the seminar series of the most advanced knowledge and experience.

After th lecture, the second day of the seminar, participants obtained certificates for completing this seminar. During the seminar, as well as at the end, the participants expressed satisfaction with the knowledge acquired and relationships that were made during the seminar.