Why and what are the benefits of attending the training
The need for organization of this school is based on the fact that any legal entity which has been issued an environmental permit in FBiH, RS and Brcko District, according to the current regulations should determine a person responsible for drafting the waste management plan in the new nomenclature of occupations in Bosnia and Herzegovina was established occupation Management Specialist waste.
Who should attend? 
Individuals: Managers and employees of various levels in the field of waste management, experts in the environmental sector / environment protection employed in ministries, municipalities, utility companies and other interested individuals.

Organization / Institution: All manufacturing entities which generate waste in their process; healthcare facilities, hotels and all other obliged to obtain environmental permits, relevant ministries, inspectorates, cantonal and municipal utilities, organizations that deal with the treatment and transportation of waste and other entities.

What are the topics?

Level 1: general approach to waste management, capacity building for waste management in manufacturing organizations and aspects of issuing environmental permits; legislation and practice of waste management in the EU, the issue of choice of location (regional) sanitary landfill; strategy for waste management, waste categories, ISO 9001 and 14001, the role and significance of the Environmental Protection Fund; site visit – company for waste treatment; economic aspects of waste prevention of waste; development of a plan on waste management and analysis of existing plans – case study
Level 2: waste management in order to increase business efficiency, cleaner production, the impact of non sanitary disposing on the environment and health, waste management in heavy industry, packaging materials, methods of waste treatment, storage and hazardous materials; production of energy from municipal waste, management of electrical and electronic waste
The school “Waste management specialist” – level 1 was held 9 times with more than 200 participants, while level 2 was held 3 time with 50 participants.
Lecturers with years of experience in the field of waste management will provide participants the most current knowledge and practical solutions in the field of waste management. In addition to the lecturers from CETEOR lectures at the seminar will give representatives of relevant ministries and other experts who deal with the problem of waste management.
Extracurricular activities
In addition to new theoretical and practical knowledge, the participants will be able to meet with representatives of other organizations / institutions engaged in similar activities, and to exchange useful experience. CETEOR is organizing for that purpose a pleasant dinner with music in order to enable participants to exchange useful business information in more pleasant surroundings.